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Not all vitamins are created equal.

The marketplace is saturated with products that are made up of unknown ingredients and you often don’t know how much of the ingredients you’re actually digesting when most of them get flushed out of your system.

NutraGlow’s vitamin supplements were developed after years of research by a group of pharmacists and contain ingredients of the highest quality, concentrated in a liquid formula that is quickly absorbed under your tongue and into your body—giving you the maximum benefits of your dosage


Studies have shown the most active form is Hydroxy B12, a naturally occurring vitamin B12 found in foods. Not only is it the active B12 in NutraGlow’s Super B, but also the standard in B12 injections in many countries across the world.

It has the longest lasting effect and is useful for detox, stress and quitting smoking (source: b12-vitamin.org).  Vitamin B12 is only found in certain foods, therefore many people must rely on a supplement to get their daily required amount.  

NutraGlow provides the same high quality Vitamin B12 that is found in foods such as eggs, shellfish and cheese; all which many vegans cannot eat.

nutraglow contains the same vitamins found in healthy foods like salmon, eggs and milk.


Vitamin supplements on the market contain varying doses of vitamin B.

The leading supplement provides a daily dosage of 2.5 mg of B12. Compare that to NutraGlow’s Super B daily dosage of 10 mg of B12 and 20 mg of B6.

That’s an exceptional daily dosage of 30 mg of vitamin B - safely formulated for you to get results you can actually feel.

the ease and speed of liquid

Taking pills can not only be a pain to swallow, but by they need to go through your entire gastrointestinal tract before they even start to get filtered and then absorbed into your body. You even flush out parts of your vitamins you cannot process via your urine.  

Liquid vitamins are not only easy to take—simply place the drops under your tongue using the NutraGlow Dropper—but they absorb faster and are delivered directly into your bloodstream via the mucous membranes under your tongue. No sitting around and waiting to feel your supplements start working. In addition, sublingual vitamins can be taken on an empty stomach, so you won’t experience any nausea associated with taking pills without food.


NutraGlow was created by a team of Newport Beach, California pharmacists as a means to supply their customers with vitamins containing the highest quality ingredients, that delivered exceptional results you can actually feel.


Super B

Super lean


recent customer reviews

Holly Ivey

An increase of sustained energy was evident

The quality of these products is noticeable when compared to similar supplements I have purchased over-the-counter or online. An increase of sustained energy was evident when taking the B12 first thing in the morning on a regular basis.

Terrie Collins-Grant​

I'm so thankful to NutraGlow for these drops

I've been using these sublingual drops for at least two years and the green tea + theanine + chromium picolinate sublingual drops for about 6 months. These drops have done wonders for my energy levels and my immune system. Additionally, it seems as though the green tea sublingual drops have helped my metabolism get stronger than it was before.